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Best results on critical substrate

Source: SIKA (D)
Through „Openair®“ plasma, these systems attain best results, even on critical grounds.

The technologies of sealing and adhesive bonding are closely related with surface enginering. On well-prepared surfaces, outstanding perdurable bonding results can be obtained. Cleaning by solvents, grinding, or precoating are classical methods for the pre-treatment of a base surface. All these methods have in common, though, high expenses and the often but insufficient automation feasibility.

But our customers, however, demand for a high level of automation and fast amortisation, as well as highest process reliability and the reduction of expenditure and cycle times. In order to be able to meet each of these demands optimally, we were looking for an alternative for the conventional pre-treatment methods and found it in the application of atmospheric plasma.

As one of the leading enterprises in the adhesive and sealant industry, Sika Germany developed and brought to production stage various guiding adhesive bonding projects together with Plasmatreat in the last few years. That way, best results could be obtained with the systems Sikaflex® -254 Booster, SikaTack® -Plus Booster, and Sikaflex® -600 Serie – even on critical grounds – through the application of Openair-Plasma®.

The feasibility of the process-sure Openair-Plasma® systems’ integration, particularly in series processes, is excellent. Thanks to this technology, we can now prepare even difficult substrates with the lowest efforts.

Artur Zanotti
Director Technical Department
SIKA Deutschland GmbH

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