A matter of precision

Source: Tampoprint
„Openair®“ plasma in pad printing: the rotating plasma generator allows a pre-treatment width of about 45 mm

Tampoprint AG was tasked to develop and construct a pad-printing full-automatic for 5-colour printing (raster image printing) on “mint boxes” with an hourly production rate of 1800 parts.

In cooperation with our customer, a catalogue of requirements was made which, among others, contained the following points:

  • material PP
  • wetting of the surface of at least 72 mN/m (water wetting)
  • complete removal of the outwards diffusing mint oil
  • complete removal of dust particles on the surface
  • no damage of the work-piece’s surface
  • no damage of the contents (peppermint dragees)
  • integration feasibility into a full automatic

Very soon, it became obvious with these demands that no conventional physical pre-treatment method (gas or corona) could come to use here. After we had become aware through technical publications and our customer of Plasmatreat’s Openair-Plasma® method, everything went very fast, thanks to their professional support.

With the defined requirements, different test series were conducted and finally all criteria met. The installation has been working three shifts a day for years and to our customer’s greatest satisfaction.

This example is not an isolated case. Altogether we can state that the application of the Openair-Plasma® method in pad-printing automation can be judged positive on all sides.

Frank Nitschke
Sales Department / Technical Advice
Tampoprint AG


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