• Automotive Engineering – Quality-boosting plasma

    The automotive industry relies on reliable and sustainable processes to ensure the consistently high quality and adhesion of bonded or coated products. Plasmatreat processes not only satisfy these stringent requirements, they also enhance product quality. Germany's leading magazine on surface technology JOT(9/2017) reports on typical applications.

    The original publication is available at springerprofessional.de


    Automotive Engineering: “Quality-boosting plasma”

  • With plasma ready for series production

    Through the use of Openair® plasma, a plastic finisher managed to coat the design product of an automotive manufacturer with a high-gloss hardcoat paint in a durable and impact-resistant manner. The German plastics journal KUNSTSTOFFE (10/2011) covers the process.


    Mit Plasma zur Serienreife

  • Successful crisis management thanks to plasma

    A problem with the adhesion of LSR to PC in the injection molding process would have almost led to a breakdown in production. The German journal ADHÄSION (10/2011) reports about the successful outcome through the use of Openair® plasma.

    The original publication is available at springerprofessional.de


    Herstellung von Regen-Licht-Sensoren

  • Plasma treatment substitutes flaming process

    In the production of instrument panels for the Audi Q5, Openair® plasma not only substitutes the conventional flaming process but also eliminates any masking before foam filling. The German plastics journal PLASTVERARBEITER (10/2011) reports on the process.


    Makelloses Ausschäumen von Instrumententafeln

  • Lasting Transparency

    High-grade plastic display windows demand costly coating processes after injection moulding. The technical journal PLASMA + OBERFLÄCHE 5/2011 (Plasma + Surfaces) reports, how adhesion and appearance obtain perfect characteristics by Openair®-Plasma treatment.

    Lasting Transparency

  • Clear Views

    One of the leading experts in the area of plastics fascias surface refinement was looking for a reproducible, high-quality and fully automated pretreatment technique for its new coating line. The solution was found at Plasmatreat. The international journal IPCM (2/2011) reports.


    Clear Views – Inline pretreatment of display fascias with atmospheric plasma

  • Troubleshooting with cold plasma

    A problem with the adhesion of LSR to PP would have almost led to a breakdown in the production of rain/light sensors for the automotive industry. The German technical magazine KUNSTSTOFFE (10/2010) reports how manufacture was still made possible by the immediate action of Plasmatreat.


    Troubleshooting with cold plasma

  • Audi Q5 Dashboard: Contours-Fit Pretreatment

    The usual masking process before foam filling is particularly labor-intensive in instrument panel construction. The journal "Special K 2010" describes how the supplier to Audi, Peguform, completely does without masking.


    Contours-Fit Dashboard Pretreatment

  • Keep cool

    Environmental protection is a key issue to transport companies. Over 15 000 new refrigerated semi-trailers are produced by Europe's largest trailer manufacturer Schmitz Cargobull each year. The eco-friendly truck production involves the use of Openair® plasma. The German plastics magazine PLASTVERARBEITER (10/2010) gives the details.


    Keep cool

  • Automotive: atmospheric plasma – eco-friendly and cost saving

    „Micro-cleaning of surfaces and improvement of adhesion” is the title of an article written by Plasmatreat CEO Christian Buske, which has been published in April in ATZ-PRODUKTION, one of Germany’s leading automotive trade journals.


    Environmentally friendly and cost-saving: Atmospheric-pressure plasma technology


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